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Day Trips From Audrey's Place Are you in for an extended stay? Get out and roam! Not totally sure what to do outside of Downtown Sebring during your stay? Our friends David and Omar at  Whoa, Davie!  does all of the exploring for you so you can take their tips and tricks on your next adventure during your extended stay. Go out for the day and hit up some well-known parks or the more obscure attractions (Solomon's Castle anyone?) that central Florida has to offer.                                                        Solomon's Castle started off as one man's dream, and boy did it take off to                           become a local legend. Only an hour from your stay, take a tour of the                           castle grounds and eccentric design and artwork in what was this man's,                          and his families home. If you thought your parents were unique then come                          check this destination out. Really, you'll be impressed and

The First Guests Get a Surprise

  What's New at Audrey's Place? The First Guests Get a Surprise     It was a busy winter season and Downtown Sebring was in full swing. Festivals and events seemed to happen almost weekly on the streets just below the windows of Apartment 106 as cooler weather welcomed in guests from all over to our laidback town. Audrey's Place was in full swing too as this was the first few months of operation and welcoming guests.     Months before, in the heat of July, walls were being painted, furniture and appliances were being moved up those red stairs leading to the second floor, opposing but complimentary themes were coming together to each of the two apartments. Apartment 106 was coming together in its sleek, modern comfort design to play off of the warm colors and nature of the brick wall as well as the naturally calming aurora of the apartment itself. The theme for Apartment 102 was coming together as well. It wasn't totally formed yet, but both playful and the colors pink a